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Our First Flip: Part 1 (Clean out & Demo)

My husband loves to read! He rarely watches television. When he is driving to jobs, he is listening to podcasts. He reads and listens to material on being successful and running a successful business. This led him to the Rich dad Poor Dad books. Long story short..we ended up at a seminar last Spring (2017), then to real estate investment training. This past October we attended Wholesale training in Orlando. The workshop taught multiple strategies to find and purchase distressed properties at a deeply discounted rate. Once you find them, there are multiple exit strategies. After the training, we signed up with a mentor and began to advertise that we were getting into real estate.

Within a few months we received a lead for a home. This was a distressed situation and after much discussion, we decided this would be a perfect opportunity for us to step in and try to help. We decided to go for it and make an offer! They accepted! The home needed a lot of work! We really wanted to use this to learn..learn the process. We closed on Valentine's Day 2018. The next day we were cleaning the house out.

As as you can see from the "before" photos, the house was full of personal items. The gentleman who lived in the house became ill and went to a nursing home. The house sat empty for over a year. As you can imagine, the house had an aweful smell. The flooring was original to the home (1984). The man who lived in the home was a smoker (cigars and pipes).  The walls and ceilings had to be cleaned and sealed with an oil-based Kilz primer. It took about 4 days and 3 large containers to clean the personal items out the house.

After the trash and furniture was removed, we started the demo! In the kitchen, we removed the cabinets. The cabinets were solid wood and it took a lot of work to remove them. They were very heavy! They just don't make cabinets like that anymore.

The living room was packed full! It took a while to remove all of the trash! Once the stuff was out, we rolled up that nasty carpet and padding. We ended up removing the sub flooring too...because most of it was damaged from getting wet. Removing the sub floor was one of the most labor intensive jobs.

Next up...The bathrooms. First, the hall bathroom - You have to love that original wallpaper! We took everything out...tub, toilet, vanity..all gone!

The master bath was the biggest change. We removed one of the closets and opened this area up. The original bathroom was narrow with a bathtub on one side, a toilet in the center, and a vanity on the other end of the room.

It it amazing how much bigger the house looks with everything cleaned out! This is when  we start to design the spaces...My favorite part of the process!

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