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Our First Flip: Part 2 (Design)

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Now that the house is cleaned out and demo is done, we start to implement the new design. This is my favorite part

The major changes were adding a 3rd bedroom and opening up the master bath.

We also enlarged the opening to the kitchen and moved the front door.

Bedroom addition

This house was a 2/2 with a very large living room. Since most of the comps were 3 bedroom/2 baths, we decided to add a 3rd bedroom. We used the extra living room space to create that 3rd bedroom.


We added a closet and put the door in the hallway. Thank goodness the room already had windows!


This is my son Grant helping with the room add on. All of our kids helped us with this project..not that they had much choice..haha! We spent almost every day at this house for 2 months. The house was about 40 minutes from once we were there, we stayed as long as possible!


The front stairs did not line up with the front door and since we were adding a room, we decided to move the front door over 2 1/2 feet.



The opening to the kitchen was small and we wanted more of an open concept but didn’t want to lose the entire wall space because the living room was small. By widening the opening a few feet, it allowed you to see into the kitchen from the front door.  Its amazing what a difference a few feet makes!


Do you see that kitchen floor?? The original linoleum (circa 1984).


Master Bath

The original master bathroom was very small. The tub was on the left and the vanity was on the right with the toilet in the center of the room. There were two closets on either side of the hall leading to the bathroom. Since the kitchen and master bath are critical in selling a home, we opted to remove one of the closets to open up that space.


We also pushed the wall back to make the shower larger. We spent the majority of our budget on the kitchen and master bath.


The original closet was a decent size, but since we eliminated the other closet, we decided to move this wall back to make it bigger. The bedroom behind this wall had a small closet and a laundry room area. We moved the washer and dryer hookups to the basement and made that area the closet and the existing closet space was added to the master closet.

Check out Part One to see the before pics!

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