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Our First Flip - Part 3 (Bathrooms)

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

We wanted to choose a simple, clean design for the bathrooms. When we went to pick out the tile and fixtures, it was overwhelming! We went to Floor and Decor because we wanted choices…and boy do they have a lot! It really came down to price in the end.

Guest Bathroom

We knew we wanted the biggest portion of our budget to go toward the kitchen and master bath.. so we chose a classic, simple look for the guest bathroom. The tile and fixtures we chose were not the cheapest choice..but they were closer to the lowest priced than the most expensive.

In every new project we take on, we learn! Some lessons are really expensive! The tile is priced per square foot, not by the box! Oops!

We picked a few tiles we liked and put them next to each other on the table. Under the bright store lights, the tiles we chose for the floor and above the tub were white and looked great together! After we got the tile up above the looked pink! It was the lighting!

At this point we aren’t going to take it all we decided to add extra lighting (above the tub). This did the trick.. thank goodness.

This is the after picture of the guest bathroom!


We chose the oil rubbed bronze fixtures throughout the house. I love the dark contrast with all the white!

We added the open shelf behind the door for linens. We moved the wall back because you couldn’t see the vanity from the door and it was tight with a door behind a door.


Master Bathroom

The master bath was the biggest change in this flip! The original bathroom was very small. The toilet was in the center of the room. The tub was on the left and vanity on the right.

We opened up the closet on the right and made one big room. We moved the wall on the left back to make a larger closet and a larger shower. The shower is 5×5!

A friend of ours Humphries Garage made the barn door for the closet. Isn’t it amazing?


The original layout had a hallway to the bathroom with a closet on either side.


Before Pics! Look at that original wallpaper


This was the closet that we opened up to make room for the bathroom.



Guest Bathroom

Vanity – Home Depot

Tile – Floor and Decor

Mirror – Kirkland’s

Master Bathroom

Vanity – Lowe’s

Tub – Home Depot

Tile – Floor and Decor

Barn Door – Humphries Garage

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