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Our First Flip – Part 4 (Kitchen)

Raise your hand if you think the kitchen is the most important room in the house. Most of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I feel like I’m always either cooking or doing dishes.

When we bought this house, the kitchen was very dark..a lot of brown. It is not a very big space either so we thought white would brighten it up and make it look bigger.


We went with a basic white subway tile but used a gray grout instead of white. Two reasons I love the gray makes the white pop and it looks cleaner.


On the back of the island, we used this rustic gray bead board. It looks like wood planks..but it’s all one piece.


The Before Pics

The kitchen was very dark..lots of brown. Original cabinets and flooring.


Eat in Kitchen

This area was very small. We decided make the opening larger so that you could see into the kitchen from the front door.



We chose a waterproof laminate for the flooring in the kitchen, living room, and hallway. This was a 12mm hand scraped laminate to give a little more of the real hardwood look.

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