Sciple House Renovation

The Sciple house...also referred to as the "kids house" is 95% finished. It may never be completely finished because we are living in it, while we renovate our house. Renovating a house you are living in is a challenge. To be honest, I am so anxious to get to our house (The Piedmont House) that I am over this house.

We bought this house in October of 2018. We started the demo right away. We were living in Dallas and driving to Rockmart, so we came mainly on the weekends. We redesigned the layout of the house because when we bought it, it had one bathroom. We knew it would be more appealing to future owners or renters to have 2 bathrooms. In the original layout the kitchen was in the back of the house. In addition to the kitchen, there were four rooms and a bathroom. We were unsure which rooms served which purpose, so we just designed it the way we felt would be the most efficient.


We decided to paint the exterior a dark blue (navy) with white trim. Of course, we included a pop of color on the front door!


This was the view when you walked in the front door. There was a very small foyer with a door on the left and a door on the right. There was a wall down the center of the room. A fireplace was in the middle of this wall.

The ceilings were covered in acoustic tiles. We removed the tiles to reveal the original bead board.


The original kitchen was in the back of the house. The walls and cabinets were dark wood. The washer and dryer were also in the kitchen.

When we purchased the house, the kitchen was in the back, in the far right corner. We decided to move it to the front of the house.

Living Room

The living room is on the right as soon as you come in the front door. The walls, ceilings, and flooring are original. We painted the walls and ceilings the same color (off-white) and refinished the floors.


We basically rebuilt the bathroom. When we removed the tub, toilet, and sink we discovered the wood floor under the tile had water damage.

During demo, we discovered a window behind the tub. It was completely covered up.