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Three Renovations

Reno #1 - Our House

After searching for about 6 months and making offers on 3 other homes, we finally found our home! It is definitely a fixer upper..but it has a ton of character. So...we have decided to make Rockmart our home. We put our Cobb County home on the market and now we wait. Well...Not really...because we have work to do! One of our goals in selling and moving is to simplify life. One of the ways we plan to do that is by downsizing. Our current home has a total of 16 rooms..including 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. I have to be honest...I am really over cleaning all of those bathrooms! The house we are renovating has 8 rooms. Currently it has 3 bedrooms and 1 bath...but we are turning one of the bedrooms into a master bath.

Our House - Reno #1

Reno #2 - Kids House

Since our older two (adult) children were ready to live on their own, we decided to also purchase a small fixer upper a few streets over to renovate and rent to them. Although this house is smaller (about 1400 square feet) there is more demo. This house is also over 100 years old. The original house was just two rooms and sometime (we believe in the 50's or 60's) someone added on to the back of the house. With the layout of the house and the age, we are basically gutting it and starting over. We are keeping as much of the original character as possible though. Like the shiplap, bead board, and fireplace which are original to the house.

Kids House - Reno #2

Reno #3 - My Shop

Since two reno projects weren't enough to keep us busy, I decided to add a 3rd project to the mix! When we decided to move from Dallas to Rockmart, I knew driving to Woodstock to maintain my booth would be a challenge. Plus, I wanted to have my business close to our home. I mentioned in my last blog post that this was a God thing.'s more evidence of that. I was talking to a friend about our plan to move to Rockmart. She mentioned that a friend of hers - that she attended church with - owned a sweet little coffee shop in downtown Rockmart (South Marble Coffee). So she connected me with Anna, who happens to also be a real estate agent. We instantly hit it off. Anna shows me a building (next to hers) in downtown that is available. It needs to be renovated (of course) but I can see the potential.

My Shop - Reno #3

We began demo on both houses in October and began the demo on my shop the week of Christmas. I have tons of pictures of each project that I will share.

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